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As all units in Alpina Heights come semi-furnished, you will be able to enjoy its heavenly amenities while you are very busy with work. Enjoy the benefits of the natural lighting in every corner of the property during the day. While at night, the premises are lighted with LED lamps for extra brightness without the heat. For lifestyle-changing amenities, the Alpina Heights is brilliantly provided with a poolside lounge and sitting area, indoor pool, cafe, indoor function hall, outdoor kiddie pool, Jacuzzi, fitness gym, medical clinic, green walkways, and rooftop function hall with Al Fresco dining. 

But that’s not all, the condo community has its own parks and playground; gazebo; basketball half court and a nearby whole court; and commercial areas on the ground floor. This green community also has its own rainwater and wastewater conservation facilities.

The buildings are equipped with high-speed elevators; an efficient garbage disposal system; water reservoir; 24/7 security; covered and open parking spaces; Convenience Store; CCTV cameras with 24-hour surveillance system; individual mailboxes; laundry and drying service shop; water refilling station; automatic standby generator system for selected areas; and fire exits and fire extinguishers on every floor. Moreover, the ground floor has ramps for PWDs while each unit is equipped with top-of-the-line fire sprinkler and detection systems. Additionally, the vast premises of the Alpina Heights is thoroughly fenced (more than 12 feet in height) for added security, while its gated entrance is manned by uniformed security personnel round-the-clock.

  • Poolside Lounge & Sitting Area
  • Indoor Pool
  • Cafe
  • Covered & Open Parking Spaces
  • Outdoor Kiddie Pool/ Jacuzzi
  • Convenience Store
  • Laundry / Drying Service Shop
  • Water Refilling Station
  • Gym
  • Medical Clinic
  • Green Walkways
  • Roof Top Function Hall w/ Al Fresco
  • Parks & Playground
  • Gazebo
  • Basketball Half court w/ nearby Whole court
  • Solar Energy for all Common Areas
  • Rain Water and Waste Water Conservation Facility
  • 24/7 Security w/ CCTV Cameras
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The property managers of ALPINA HEIGHTS know that their residents, the young are always on the lookout for exciting adventures making for a dynamic and well-balanced lifestyle. They thought of the best complement of a wide range of amenities and facilities that will be able to do that. Amenities  that the residents with their families would surely love and enjoy.

 Although there’s a total of 5 Buildings for this more than a half-hectare development, you will not feel cramped since there is more than 50% open space. Note that there is 24-hour roving security on top of the CCTV cameras on a 24-hour surveillance, too. This makes this property so safe, secure and well protected. 

A parking space is an important facility and in this community – there are both covered and open parking spaces for the residents and their guests. 

Other sustainable features include:  solar-powered energy for common areas, water treatment facility, rainwater conservation, LED lightings in common areas and maximized natural lighting. 

For building features – some of these include the following: naturally-ventilated units, high speed elevators, water reservoir, garbage disposal system, individual mail boxes, automatic stand-by generator system for common areas, fire hose cabinets on every floor, sprinkler system and smoke detectors, fire exits on every floor and ground floor ramps for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. 

Amenities are generous. For one, there’s the indoor pool with a poolside lounge and sitting area. You can always schedule swimming parties with family or relatives as you have your own time to swim, read your favorite book and sip your tropical coolers. If you have kids, surely they would love to play and frolic in the water to no end as there’s an outdoor  kiddie pool with jacuzzi. . The poolside lounge  and sitting area will be perfect for family catch-ups or just chilling out while not in the pool. 

Want to have a cup of coffee or needed a place to stay for some small meetings or catch-ups? There’s a café within the neighborhood so no need to go to those popular coffee shops outside since there’s one right home. Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

Other amenities include a convenience store, a water refilling station and a laundry/drying service shop. These are perfect places, especially for the younger ones whose lives are always on the go – they need not go out of this place just so they can buy daily stuff or worry about their drinking water and doing their laundry. All services for these are provided on-site. Plus there is a medical clinic, too, for any home medical care and emergencies that you may have. Wonderful! 

The young and young at heart will surely love the parks and playground.  There’s also a gazebo where you can unwind and relax and just take in the fresh air  and appreciate all your surroundings. Soak in the greens and colorful blooms  as you relax your minds and clam your senses. As you relax – you can stop by and sit idly on the gazebo that’s waiting or you. What else? There are green walkways, too. Take snaps of all the beauty around you! 

For the active and sporty, there’s both a basketball half court with a nearby whole court for everyone to play. Form your own teams as you practice with family, friends and neighbors. Have weekly tournaments and let love ones cheer you on. As you play, know that great values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, focus and team camaraderie are being practiced and built among yourselves. 

IF you want to celebrate your special occasions and milestones, you can do them right here at the neighborhood since there’s a rooftop function hall with al fresco dining. Whether the occasion is a birthday, baptismal shower, graduation, reunion or just a simple catch-up does not matter. 

A gym with modern and high-tech equipment is also within the premises. Fret not, you need not enroll in gym  membership outside because one I right here in your own home. Isn’t that so convenient? 

Other facilities worth mentioning are: solar energy for all common areas as well as rain water and waste water conservation facility. Definitely, these facilities are environmentally friendly. These are good measures implemented by the project managers of this development.

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